Evonik Anwerpen NV

Evonik Anwerpen NV

At Evonik Antwerpen we produce a wide range of specialty chemicals in the port of Antwerp. Evonik Antwerp is the largest site of the international group outside Germany. Our site consists of 10 production plants which come under 3 segments, each with their own specific functioning and own end products!
Beside other production plants our site of 190 hectares contains the worldwide largest plant for the production of methionine, an essential amino acid.
Antwerp is distinguished by its excellent infrastructure. The port provides a logistic advantage for the site, as well as the good connections by road and rail.
Currently, Evonik Antwerpen has more than 1000 employees. They make the difference every day! Thanks to them, we can deliver the best product to our customers every day, with security and environment in mind.
Antwerp manufactures products for a wide variety of applications. We produce among others raw materials for the production of silicones for the electronics and communications industry.
The products of Evonik are also used as a binding agent in printing inks, paints and coatings. Moreover, we produce in Antwerp raw materials for car tires, bleaching agents and environmentally friendly herbicides.


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Employees worldwide/Belgium 33000/1050
Revenue worldwide/Belgium 13 billion/1,2 billion
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