Full Stack JS Dev Intern (Antwerp/Lisbon)

Here you find the details for the internship named "Full Stack JS Dev Intern (Antwerp/Lisbon)" in the company DESelect.

Name: Full Stack JS Dev Intern (Antwerp/Lisbon)
Company: DESelect

If you are looking for an internship as a developer, we can offer you a great learning experience! We are a startup making intuitive marketing software for large corporations. The founders and early team have built the first version of the product and are now looking for talented and motivated interns to help us build the next version which will be technically interesting and challenging.

As an intern, you will be able to work on any part of the stack based on your interest and skill and also learn more about other important dev concepts. This could be a combination of the following:
- ReactJs
- NodeJS
- ES6/7
- MongoDB
- DevOps
- git
- Open source
- Testing with Mocha / Chai / Jest
- TDD (test-driven development)
- UX

We are flexible towards our interns:
- Internships can start as of February 2019, or later
- The internship can be part of a school program
- Full time or part time possible
- Our HQ is in Antwerp, Belgium, but it is even possible to arrange a foreign internship as we will set up office in Lisbon, Portugal, as of April 2019

Asides this, you will work side-by-side with experienced entrepreneurs and developers. Both founders each have 6 years of IT consulting experience, working for major international companies. They and the rest of the team have worked at other startups before.

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Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Technologie
    Required special knowledge:


    Duration: Minimum 4 weeks
    Paid: No
    Net wage: -
    Foreign: Yes
    Contact: Anthony Lamot (Founder & CEO)