Azure Data Factory Functions

Here you find the details for the internship named "Azure Data Factory Functions" in the company AG Insurance.

Name: Azure Data Factory Functions
Company: AG Insurance

Azure Data Factory functions are a list of functionalities provided in the Microsoft cloud. Some of these functions correspond to functionalities which are now available in SSIS.

The goal of this study would be to :
Evaluate the functions in SSIS we use today, and see how they can be mapped to the Azure Data Factory Function Evaluate the performance compared to what we use today Expand the evaluation to other functions which are not available in SSIS and see if they can be useful

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • IT
    • Bank & verzekeringen
    Required special knowledge:

    Duration: 2 weeks – can be expanded if we go further into the functionalities
    Paid: No
    Net wage: -
    Foreign: No
    Contact: Laura Antonacci (People Development Facilitator IT)