Internship XDP

Here you find the details for the internship named "Internship XDP" in the company ST Engineering iDirect.

Name: Internship XDP
Company: ST Engineering iDirect

Work on a project to improve the data throughput of our products, this involves bypassing the Linux network stack to transport packets directly from the network driver to user-space applications;
Evaluate the use of XDP in our Linux-based products through various POC applications and performance measurements;
Compare in-house developed and off the shelf technologies;
Do some very low-level optimizations to improve performance on one of our ARM-based systems (related to memory management and caching, concurrency mechanisms,…);
Not get coffee or make copies for your colleagues, but take a deep dive in Linux networking enabling you to take home some valuable experiences;
Work on conceptual, creative and hands-on level;
Be entitled to frequent and honest feedback;
Proactively seduce us with your creative ideas.

Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Computer Science Engineering
In industries:
    Required special knowledge:

    Some knowledge about the Internal working of operating systems (OSs), and Linux in specific (concurrency/locking, scheduling, memory management,…);
    Knowledge of multiprocessing and concurrency mechanisms;
    Experience in working with Linux;
    Basic networking knowledge, knowledge on TCP/IP stack;
    Have a first experience with kernel space development;
    Can program in C (or C++);
    Are an excellent communicator with a can-do attitude;
    Are conversational in English and Dutch;
    Are currently pursuing a degree of which the curriculum allows/obliges you to do an internship;
    Are a European passport holder.

    Duration: Min. 8 weeks
    Paid: No
    Net wage: -
    Foreign: No
    Contact: Johan Verhoeven (Senior Recruiter)