Full Stack engineer / Machine learning and Computer Vision engineer

Here you find the details for the internship named "Full Stack engineer / Machine learning and Computer Vision engineer" in the company UUG.AI.

Name: Full Stack engineer / Machine learning and Computer Vision engineer
Company: UUG.AI

Your new mission is a startup based in Gent, developing MLOps practices for computer vision. Our mission is to scale vision models against thousands of video stream and cameras without having our customers to worry about anything else than their model. We take away the heavy lifting and highly complex task of integrating with a large scale camera network, and keeping ML models up to date.

As part of we are developing various software solutions such as, build on various cutting-edge technologies such as Kubernetes, Golang, Tensorflow, etc. At the moment we are developing and researching additional tools to further expand our offerings into the field of MLOps, specifically for computer vision. And guess what, the latter is why we need you!

We are currently looking for 2 interns, where we accommodate a group project and individual track (based on personal preferences and growth plan).

So what can you expect of an internship at ?

This internship is all about learning, making fun, and making impact. We believe you make the best progress when you are valued and believe in what you are doing. We do serious work, have brainstorms/ideation but also play a lot of xbox! ;)

What will you do at ?

We have various projects in mind and currently developed, but we like your creativity as well. Everything is themed around computer vision, machine learning, MLOps and cameras/video streams. Depending on your skills, personal skills, and growth goals we tweak the desired project.

You'll get a better understanding of the complexities of video/audio protocols
You will learn what it takes to scale a video deployment and match with ML models
We will brainstorm/ideate about new concepts and product features
You will have the chance to develop AI/ML models using our GPU cluster
You will have the chance to develop product features for our apps (Golang/React).
How to sollicitate?

Round 1:

Write an email to cverstraeten(at), with your interest and CV. If we see a match you'll be invited to our offices in Ghent. During the match we'll have a casual chat, and we'll show you some demos of our solutions and answer any of your questions.

Round 2:

If we, and that also means you, have a connection, we would like you to write out a one-pager of potentials ideas you have; considering working at You think out of the box, imagine a "cool" project that can advance our product portfolio, this can be a new product, a specific feature, etc.

Round 3:

You are hired ! :)

Who are we looking for?
You are passionated by computer vision, machine learning and/or application development. You are a pro in FIFA and/or other games.

You like to learn new technologies, and communicate ideas. You are hands-on and like to break things (but afterward fix them). Your curious and enjoy failing until you can do it.

We are looking for candidates with following skills set (partially):

Experience in programming (Golang, Python, Javascript)
Might have worked with web frameworks like (React, Angular, or others)
Have experience with MLOps tools (, Kubeflow, ..)
Have experience with Machine learning frameworks like (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras)
Have experience with computer vision (OpenCV)
Does have experience with Linux (bash)
Notions of containers (Docker) and orchestrators (Kubernetes)
Interests in CD/CD (GitHub) and deployment tools like (Helm, Operators, Terraform)
What we offer
We will provide a casual development environment, taking time to coach you, make sure you are working on projects that you like.

Occasionally we'll go and eat Belgium fries or something else ;)
Each Monday we have fresh fruit
We have easy access to the train station (10min walking from Gentbrugge station)
You can control our Spotify playlist
We play FIFA tournaments and other games
Access to our GPU cluster of 10GPU's to run your models.
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Target profiles:
  • Engineering Technology - IT (Industrieel Ingenieur)
  • Engineering Technology - Electronics (Industrieel Ingenieur)
In industries:
  • Technologie
Required special knowledge:

Duration: 3-6months
Paid: No
Net wage: -
Foreign: No
Contact: Cedric Verstraeten (Founder)