RAMS Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "RAMS Engineer" in the company Alstom Belgium.

Name RAMS Engineer
Company Alstom Belgium

As an RAMS Engineer, your mission will be to support the safety related activities for the signalling projects you will be in charge with. It means:
- You’ll have to demonstrate, independently via studies and tests, that the proposed system is fit for purpose and safe
- You’ll have to liaise with the Independent Safety Assessor mandated for the project to obtain the necessary ISA certificate
- You’ll have to get safety acceptance from the customer(s)
- You’ll have to interact with national Safety Authorities when needed to allow them to grant the authorization to put in commercial service the train or track concerned

For instance, as a member of our team and in a near future, you will take part to an important project concerning the embedded signaling system for a European national railway company!
To be successful in this function, you’ll certainly have to initiate and maintain regular and constructive relationships with internal (project team, R&D, Site Safety manager,…) and external (customers, independent safety assessors, national safety authorities, users and maintenance crews,…) partners

You have the opportunity to join our teams in Charleroi (Belgium), from where Alstom is active through two centers of excellence:
- Signalling Systems – Center of excellence ERTMS (European standard development and implementation)
- Power Electronics – Center of excellence Traction Systems (Traction solutions / auxiliary converters / low voltage cabinets)

Important efforts in R&D support the development of these activities contributing actively to promoting a safe and performant railway network as well as sustainable mobility solutions worldwide.

The Alstom Belgium teams have an excellent knowledge and reputation in the global project management and every day from Charleroi, about 1050 employees, among which 500 engineers, are working on more than 100 projects all over the world. Thanks to them, the site of Charleroi makes a significant contribution to worldwide rail transportation development.

Examples of current / recent projects:
- First commercial service of high speed trains and line between Berlin and Munich
- Participation to Dubai new metro project for 2020 world universal expo
- Pilot project of Automatic Train Operation in Belgium and in the Netherlands
- Upgrade of the whole Danish train fleet with new signaling systems
- Upgrade of most of the Belgium train fleet with new signaling systems
- Manila upgrade and extension of current transportation system

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Transport
    Required special knowledge

    Positive personality / Rigorous and reliable / Promote Teamwork and communication / Ability to work under pressure / good analytical & synthetical skills

    Foreign No
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