Hydraulic Studies Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Hydraulic Studies Engineer" in the company Aquafin.

Name Hydraulic Studies Engineer
Company Aquafin

To realise the group Vision of a water treatment area that performs well by investigating where our infrastructure is performing well and where there is still room for improvement. Based on the sewer databases and hydraulic models, the
area engineers form a detailed picture of how the existing system looks and how it actually works.
This enables them to detect conceptual bottlenecks, determine their cause and propose the right solutions. They
also monitor the structural condition of the infrastructure. Based on this, they can develop the necessary future vision
for the infrastructure in their areas and implement this in the form of specific connection, optimisation and renovation projects.

• As an area engineer, you will be responsible for the conceptual design and the hydraulic and structural management of sewer networks (collector sewers, sewers, pumping stations, etc.).
• You will actively monitor the operation of the networks assigned to you. You will analyse the overall operation and investigate hydraulic, ecological and structural bottlenecks in close collaboration with the operational teams. This will give you an insight into the performance of the network and the risks of flooding.
• You will develop a future vision for each of your areas and implement this by designing improvement measures and defining project proposals for the optimisation of the network. You will also evaluate external requests for modifications and extensions. For this, you will consult with other sewer managers
• You will be responsible for preparing and overseeing hydraulic studies. You will coordinate the consultants who carry out these studies. While the study is in progress, you will monitor the timing, budget and technical quality of the study and consult with all stakeholders: the internal client, municipal authorities, other sewer managers, licensing authorities and colleagues operating the existing network.
• A hydraulic study involves carrying out an inventory and survey of the existing sewer infrastructure and creating a hydraulic computer model of the existing and future network. The main objectives of this are to prevent flooding and limit the ecological impact.
• Finally, you will prepare project portfolios with a view to the long-term development and optimisation of the sewer network. For this you will use the available GIS sewer databases, hydraulic models and structural condition maps.

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Andere
    Required special knowledge

    • You are an engineer with a sound knowledge of hydraulics or possess equivalent sufficiently extensive and relevant experience.
    • A customer-focussed approach is second nature to you. In your daily actions, you seek a lasting relationship with the client and try to provide a service that really makes a difference to your client.
    • You are prepared to travel regularly to your working area, as well as to the head office in Aartselaar.
    • You have good communication skills and a commercial mindset.
    • You have good organisational skills and excel in conceptual thinking.
    • You have an inquiring mind and a solution-oriented approach.
    • You are also an initiative taker with long-term vision.
    • Finally, you are also environmentally aware.

    Foreign No
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