Project Manager Construction

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Name Project Manager Construction
Company Aquafin

Aquafin invests some EUR 250 million annually in newbuilds and renovation of water treatment plants, collector sewers and

As project manager, you will be responsible for the project management of the entire construction process from the design phase to delivery and the guarantee period. Throughout the process, you will monitor the timing, budget and technical quality of your projects. You will be the driving force behind the progress of the projects. In all phases of the projects, you will work with the other members of the internal project team who organise aspects relating to hydraulic design, acquisition of land, licence applications and project administration for you. You will liaise with all external stakeholders:
the client, co-owners, licensing authorities and other utilities. You will direct consultants and contractors.

• You will perform a feasibility study with alternative solutions based on the client’s expectations. For this, you will take into account technical, financial, ecological, legal and social requirements.
• You will then direct the consultants who are carrying out the preliminary design and design of the project for you.
• You will organise the formation of contracts with the contractor and ensure that the contracts entered into are performed to a high standard. You will coordinate the activities of consultants, contractors, site supervisors and utilities during the implementation of the project.
• You will take care of communication with stakeholders in your project (e.g. fellow operators of the project, local residents, etc.). You will also be the point of contact for colleagues in the Operations and Asset Management divisions concerning the project.
• Finally, you will organise the delivery of the project.

Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Construction (Civil Engineering)
In industries:
  • Bouw
Required special knowledge

• You are an engineer with a sound knowledge of construction engineering techniques or possess equivalent sufficiently extensive and relevant experience.
• A customer-focussed approach is second nature to you. In your daily actions, you seek a lasting relationship with the client and try to provide a service that really makes a difference to your client.
• You have good communication skills and a commercial mindset. This makes you bold and persistent in your contacts on various levels, both internally and externally.
• You have good organisational skills and always keep a helicopter view.
• You are also good at setting objectives, adopting a proactive approach and working methodically.
• You are strong in progress monitoring and can manage time, costs and resources efficiently.
• You are also an initiative taker with long-term vision.
• You are assertive and have an empathetic response.
• Finally, you are also environmentally aware.

Foreign No
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