Creative Computer Vision Engineer

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Name Creative Computer Vision Engineer
Company Araani

Are you the hot spot we are looking for?
At Araani, we don’t just develop AI-based Computer Vision algorithms. No, we are only satisfied when we reach the upper left position in the ROC-curve!
Our products are designed to detect flame, smoke, and heat in an early stage, in critical environments such as chemical plants, waste recycling industry, nuclear plants, where every incident matters and each false positive comes at an excessive cost.
This approach made us the international market leader in the niche of Video Based Fire Detection.
To strengthen our R&D team, we are looking for a person who pushes the technical limits.

Core tasks
• You will actively develop vision algorithms for our core products.
• MSc/MSE in AI, Computer Vision, or Data Science
• MSc/MSE in Physics or Chemistry with relevant experience, or willing to retrain.
• Creative thinker & analytical mind
• Problem solver
• Juniors also welcome. Personality, capabilities and eagerness to learn are key.

Our offer
• Freedom to explore recent technologies and to work in a small but professional environment.
• Taking initiative and giving input is highly valued and even required.
• High yearly training budget to stay on top of evolving technology.

We offer a pleasant environment with following values:
• Respect & trust: We expect all colleagues to respect each other, and even better, we can count on each other.
• Co-operation & team spirit: We are all working on the same goal, to deliver service and quality.
• Innovative mindset: We integrate cutting edge technologies into our products and participate in innovation projects with universities.
• Balance between flexibility and family: We expect our people to give their best, and expect flexibility when deadlines are in sight. On the other hand, we are aware that our people also have responsibilities towards their family, and we care for their well-being.

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