Mechanical Maintenance Scheduler and Coordinator

Here you'll find the details about the job "Mechanical Maintenance Scheduler and Coordinator" in the company Cargill NV.

Name Mechanical Maintenance Scheduler and Coordinator
Company Cargill NV

The Maintenance and Reliability Planner/Scheduler will coordinate routine long-term maintenance on our plant assets and equipment following established program guidelines. We seek and individual with a desire to build on their knowledge while providing quality work that supports organizational goals. In this role you will utilize your knowledge of consistent maintenance and reliability best practices in the completion of planning and prioritizing routine tasks.

• Proactively plan and schedule downtime and partner with more senior team members to identify opportunities to improve reliability and reduce lost production.
• Maintain custom databases to support specific work projects and processes.
• Provide detailed work plans as required on general maintenance activities.
• Plan the execution of routine repair procedures and tasks to ensure compliance with the fundamental plant maintenance procedures and practices.
• Handle basic issues and problems under direct supervision, while escalating more complex issues to appropriate staff.

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Chemie
    • Food Production
    Required special knowledge
    Foreign No