Junior Quality Engineer & Assurance Consultant

Here you'll find the details about the job "Junior Quality Engineer & Assurance Consultant" in the company Cognizant.

Name Junior Quality Engineer & Assurance Consultant
Company Cognizant

Disclaimer; Testers who are sitting at their desk waiting for the next assignment or are afraid of techniques or test automation, please do not read this great opportunity. 

Do you want to build bridges between Business & IT? Does your heart beat faster from terms like Java, Selenium, Python, Test Data Management and Service Virtualization? Are you interested in a global opportunity to work for the larger largest companies in the Belgium?

We want to meet you! 

World leader Cognizant is rapidly growing in the Belgium and has the ambition to become the largest one here. We need many Graduate Quality Engineers to achieve this ambition. Do you want to grow with us?

We are searching for different testers within domains like;
• Banking and Financial Services
• Telecom
• Retail
• Logistics

You work within challenging projects at great companies which are always working with the latest developments and most recent software. 

As future Quality Engineer, you gain knowledge to create tests and execute those tests. Preferably automated. Nowadays there is no time to write test scripts and execute these manually. You directly see what has to be tested and decide how to test this automatically.

We are searching for innovative, self-starting people who are searching for opportunities and are willing to profile themselves for us and our clients. You want to develop yourself to being a consultant, the top notch in Quality Assurance.
Location: Belgium. 

Developing yourself
Before you starting at a client you will start with a 2 weeks induction training. We want to make sure you have a great start within Cognizant. After the induction you will enroll in our 18 months Graduate Development Program. 

This is a full program in which you will develop your technical skills as well as your personal skills. Within QE&A we have monthly knowledge evenings. In a relaxed setting our testers share knowledge gained from projects they are working on. Eat, drink and afterwards we drink something in the pub. This meeting is not required mandatory but always well attended.

Because we are rapidly growing the opportunities are everywhere. We do not know where we will be in the next 6 months, let alone within 5 years, so we cannot predict your career. You can shape your career yourself, isn’t that great?

International with start-up atmosphere
Worldwide we have more than 280.000 employees, from which 33.000 are testers! From Americans to Scandinavians and from Brazilians to Indians. Working in this setting not only expands your horizon but also your knowledge about other test techniques and methods. Furthermore this offers a great opportunity for an international career.

Do not be afraid for the international character and its size. The atmosphere in the Belgian organization is like a start-up and the structure as flat as a needle. The strict hierarchy that you sometimes see in other large IT organizations does not apply for us. Our managers are there for everyone.

Interested?! Apply now.

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • IT
    Required special knowledge

    Your profile

    • Bachelor/Master level preferably with IT component
    • Knowledge of Java, Selenium and/or Cucumber is a plus
    • Good Communication Skills
    • Fluency in English, Dutch and French

    Foreign No
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