Software/Firmware Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Software/Firmware Engineer" in the company e-peas.

Name Software/Firmware Engineer
Company e-peas

* Do you want to be part of the IoT revolution? *

e-peas is a company founded in 2014 on the conviction the trillions of connected IoT nodes to be deployed in the next few years will require disruptive solutions to extend batteries lifetime. At e-peas, we believe new applications will ultimately be made possible by the combination of two approaches:
• Increasing the harvested energy provided to the system; and,
• Increasing the energy-efficiency of Integrated Circuits.
Relying on 10 years of research and its patented disruptive technologies, e-peas offers a portfolio of Integrated Circuits including photovoltaic and thermoelectric harvester interfaces, microcontrollers and sensor solutions.

* What will be your job? *

In order to support our Software Development Team, we are looking for a Software/Firmware Engineer. You will join the Software Development Team and you will work in close relation with the Hardware Design Team. You will participate in software and specifications design, keeping in mind your main focus is to deliver energy-efficient software. Your field of expertise covers firmware/middleware/software development on both, simulated and on-target, environments. You have affinities with low-level/system programming and operating system internals.
Committed to deliver quality pieces of software to our customers, you are analytical minded; you are eager to acquire a deep knowledge of MCU architectures, of drivers design, and of system programming.

* Are you ready for your next challenge? *

• You will analyse, write, and review software specifications;
• You will build technical proposals;
• You will develop new software components and/or modify the existing ones (e.g. drivers design, O/S porting, application development);
• You will analyse and work to increase the software related energy-efficiency of e-peas’ Integrated Circuits;
• You will participate in code reviews;
• You will create and maintain the technical documentation for both, internal and external, users;
• You will solve software bugs.

Brochure: Download
Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Computer Science Engineering
  • Engineering Technology - Electronics (Industrieel Ingenieur)
In industries:
  • Elektronica
Required special knowledge

* Who are you? *

• You own a degree in Computer Science and/or Electronics, or related disciplines;
• You have an interest in electronics, real-time/embedded software and operating system internals;
• You are fluent in C/C++ and you are not afraid by assembly language;
• You have a previous experience with scripting languages (eg. Python, Bash, Shell);
• You are willing to work with the design-by-contract paradigm;
• You are end-user oriented and quality minded
• You have a can-do mentality;
• A previous experience with bare metal programming is a plus;
• A previous experience with embedded O/S is a plus;
• You are fluent in English (a working knowledge of French is a plus);
• You have strong written and oral communication skills.

Foreign No
Contact Laurence Legrand (Office Manager)