C/C++ Embedded Developer

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Name C/C++ Embedded Developer
Company Granstudio

C/C++ Embedded Developer

Location: Turin (Italy) or Kortrijk (Belgium)

Job Type: Full-time

About Us:
Greetings! We're Granstudio, driven by a passion to revolutionize mobility and automotive design through our Digiphy platform. We're currently seeking a
C/C++ Embedded Developer to join our team and contribute to crafting exceptional solutions for Digiphy. You will be part of an international, multi-disciplinary team, surrounded by exceptional and talented people, who will inspire and support you every day.

- Design, develop, and maintain embedded software solutions for Digiphy using the C/C++ programming language. While our current setup involves Windows OS, we're exploring the possibility of transitioning to Linux;
- Cultivate creativity and innovation as a valued member of a team pushing the boundaries of the automotive industry;
Collaborate on setting up an automated CI/CD pipeline;
- Stay abreast of the latest technologies and discern their implications for both us and our customers;
- Familiarity with languages and tools such as C/C++, Python, CMake, Git, Plastic SCM, Unreal Engine, Vue.js, Node.js.

- Hold a degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field that resonates with your interests;
- Demonstrate proven experience (3+ years) as an embedded software developer using C/C++;
- Possess a solid understanding of real-time operating systems (RTOS) and embedded systems architecture;
- Showcase experience in low-level programming and the intricate dance of hardware-software integration;
- Exhibit fearlessness in debugging and optimizing for embedded systems;
- Occasionally engage in breadboarding with Arduino, RP2040, and similar platforms.

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Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge

      At least 3 years of experience with C/C++

      Foreign Yes
      Contact Laura Marchisio (HR)
      Tel: +39 011 247 8408