Machine Learning Engineer

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Name Machine Learning Engineer
Company In The Pocket

In The Pocket’s machine learning team is on a mission to make human-machine interactions ever more natural. As a machine learning engineer, you mainly collaborate with data engineers and product specialists to craft intelligent features for our digital products. You own a healthy scientific mindset: challenge the status quo, validate your assumptions with data and communicate your methods and results effectively.

- You build and deploy predictive models for real-world applications on mobile platforms, web and/or specialised hardware.
- You evaluate the viability of every solution with an eye towards practicality, maintainability and value to our client and the end user.
- You keep up with the latest technological research in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
You document and communicate your findings clearly and transparently to the team.
- You identify opportunities to use existing research to solve use cases for our clients.
You follow standards for software quality, maintainability and documentation.

- Master in Computer Science (or equal through proven experience)
- Fluent programming in one or more languages (python is a plus)
- Experience with local and cloud data workflows
- Experience with deep learning frameworks (e.g tensorflow, keras, pytorch, or others)
- Experience with data visualisation and reporting
- Good knowledge of Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Azure is a plus.
- You’re always keen to learn new things, share your knowledge, embrace change and learn from past experiences.
- You value autonomy, prioritize multiple stakeholders and tasks, and manage work time effectively.
- You’re able to work in a team and are always open for feedback from your team mates.
- You’re able to give an expert view to non-technical colleagues and customers.
- You have an affinity with product design and engineering top-notch digital products.
- You’re able to handle the challenge of working in a flexible and dynamic company.

Additional information
On a personal level we are looking for a colleague who shares our values.

- Ownership: Working at In The Pocket means accepting a high level of autonomy. You take ownership and show the ability to decide and act for the good of the company.
- Integrity: Stick to your values, even when it doesn’t pay off in the short term. In The Pocket relies on trust and openness, which in turn relies on your integrity.
- Lead & Educate: Digital technologies are changing the world. We go all in, head-first. We take the lead in designing and building with emerging technologies. We share our passion and knowledge with as many people as possible.
- Agility: In The Pocket is permanently under construction. We never settle, it’s never done. Observing, adapting and improving is in our nature. That resonates with the people who work here. We are always looking for a better solution, always ready for the next step, pragmatic and committed to move forward.
- Team: As individuals we are bright and talented, as a team we’re unbeatable. We are open and positive, constructive and honest. We help and inspire our colleagues to do their best work.

Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Computer Science Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Technology - IT (Industrieel Ingenieur)
In industries:
  • IT
Required special knowledge


Foreign Yes
Contact Laura Despiegelaere (Talent Recruiter)
Tel: +32 472 79 66 13