Geotechnical Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Geotechnical Engineer" in the company National Marine Dredging Company.

Name Geotechnical Engineer
Company National Marine Dredging Company

• Assisting with the design of structures, using specialized software or calculations
• Analysis the soil parameters and assess the stability of structures under normal and seismic conditions.
• Analysis geotechnical data and preparation of geotechnical interpretative report (GIR).
• Analyze geotechnical findings, perform appropriate calculations and prepare data reports to Manager.
• Design and analyse the quality control of the ground improvement works,
• Analyse and Evaluate the pre and post improvement testing, CPTU, Zone Load Testing, Boreholes, etc.
• Develop design drawings and specifications for construction projects
• Plan and conduct geotechnical investigation effectively.
• Design and supervise site and ground investigations.
• Analyze the soil parameters and provide input to the dredging production estimators
• Review geotechnical design developed by third party consultants.
• Interact with client, sub-contractors and team members to complete the assigned project on-time.
• Review construction design proposals and verify geotechnical aspects.
• Ensure correct design approach as per QA/QC procedure and standards.
• This is a generalist view of a Job that you have been assigned for — at times you may be ask to do above/beyond the scope of this role due to Operational requirements
• Identify hazards
• Obtain information from HSE Department
• Make recommendations to HSE Department
• Investigate Incidents

Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge

      • Engineering Degree in Geotechnical Engineering or geology or and equivalent professional qualification
      • Profound understanding about theoretical and practical soil and rock mechanics
      • High level of knowledge of geotechnical design software and tools
      • High level of knowledge of geotechnical standards and guidelines
      • Risk Assessment / PTW
      IT skills
      • MS Office
      • Rockworks
      • Slope W or equivalents
      • D-Sheet or equivalents
      • Liquefaction and settlement tools
      • CPT tool
      • GIS
      • AutoCAD

      Foreign No
      Contact Ioannis Fragkias (HR Team Leader, HR)
      Tel: +971 56 417 3345