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Name Lab manager
Company QustomDot

Colorful, functional, and efficient: discover the possibilities of quantum dots (QDs) with QustomDot. QustomDot is an advanced materials company that develops QD technology for future microLED display applications.

QDs are semiconductor nanoparticles that can transform UV or blue light into pure colors such as green and red, through a process known as down-conversion. The emission color of the QDs is determined by the size of the QDs, which we precisely control through state-of-the-art synthetic procedures. A strong advantage of QDs is that they are obtained as a colloidal dispersion, which opens industrially relevant processing strategies such as direct printing or photolithography. As we speak, QDs are at the onset of the next technological revolution in the display industry, after LCD and OLED. Current QD technologies, however, suffer from instabilities under the influence of high light flux and elevated operating temperatures. We at QustomDot have developed a technology that renders QDs suitable to be used as down-converter directly on LED chips, thereby moving into the application field of microLEDs, the next big thing.

QustomDot aims to realize the full potential of QDs in the imaging and display industries and for that, we are looking for talented and motivated staff to strengthen our team. We are looking for a person to manage the laboratory in all its facets: organize QustomDot’s lab, make sure that all processes runs as a clock and assist the team in their daily work. Our lab consists of several sections:
1. Wet chemistry lab, equipped with place for cleaning glassware, Schlenk lines for chemical synthesis, organic chemistry section, purification facilities
2. “Yellow” space for quantum dot ink development and formulation, including deposition and characterization equipment
3. Characterization, including UV-Vis-NIR absorption and emission spectrometers, DLS, Lumisizer etc.
Prior experience as lab manager is not a necessity for this function. If you have great organizational skills, a will to grow in your role and you are ready to take up a challenge, then QustomDot is a right place for you!

Profile qualifications:
● Bachelor or master degree in chemistry, lab technology, (chemical) engineering or equivalent
● Experience in working in a chemical lab
● Experience in operating/maintenance scientific equipment and processing the gathered data
● Full proficiency in English
● A talent of organization
● Open to working in a small team and flexible environment

Beneficial skills:
● Experience in an industrial R&D/production environment
● Working in a clean and organized way
● Full proficiency in Dutch

We offer a full-time position in a growing company working at the cutting edge of display technology.

Interested? Let us know via by sending us your C.V. and motivation letter.

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Technologie
    • Elektronica
    • Chemie
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