Experienced Back-end Software Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Experienced Back-end Software Engineer" in the company Skedify nv.

Name Experienced Back-end Software Engineer
Company Skedify nv

You at Skedify
As an experienced back-end software engineer you’ll be involved in most aspects of creating an Enterprise SAAS solution: from architecture to infrastructure, from development to (automated) testing.

You’ll be welcomed in a small & agile development team (7 devs) with complementary expertises, and you’ll be joining on the core components from day one.

There are no levels of hierarchy: everybody in the development team is equal and we go to great lengths to make team collaboration as pleasant and effective as possible.

At Skedify, you’ll mainly be working on conceptualising and developing new features and improvements of the core components. Not alone, but as a team. Peer review and testing are important to deliver quality as a team. We put a focus on solid, modular code with attention to both functional and technical evolutions.

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Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Telecom
    Required special knowledge

    • Technical skills
    Demonstrable experience
    o PHP (we use Laravel)
    o Node.js
    o MySQL
    o Familiar with Git
    Good insights into Software Architecture such as
    o General application architecture
    o OO Development
    o REST principles
    o Queueing
    o Design patterns

    • Skills to delight us with
    o Experience in Test Driven Development
    o Not afraid to use command line tools
    o You’re a fan of the “Boy Scout Rule”
    o Experience with Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Travis, Teamcity, GitLab, …) and provisioning tools
    o You’re familiar with Scrum principles and dream to work in an Agile team
    o You’ve got a need for speed (and scalability), and have experience with New Relic

    • Personal skills
    o You’re driven by your passion for tech
    o You’re looking to have an impact on Skedify
    o Growing your own and the team's expertise and skill set is constantly on your mind
    o You’re confident, but also modest
    o You’re analytic, but also pragmatic
    o If you could, you’d automate everything into a single click

    Foreign No
    Contact Karen de Vlieger (Office Manager)
    Tel: +32 479 54 00 00