Junior Software Engineer

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Name Junior Software Engineer
Company Western Digital

Are you a Software Engineer looking for a new challenge? Do you want to be part of the Engineering team of the leading provider of Storage solutions? Well, we might just have the opportunity for you! We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to strengthen our Engineering team at the development center of Western Digital in Ghent, Belgium. You will work on our latest Object Storage systems which deliver storage capacity up to 52 PetaByte.

Furthermore you will be working on enabling concurrent File and Object Storage access in our Activescale Product line and enabling our existing feature set (like replication, versioning, OLM) with File based semantics. You will have the opportunity to take your career to the next step by learning from some of the world’s brightest storage experts and contribute to a revolutionizing product. When you want to (learn to) write software with a focus on Enterprise Quality, Performance, Scalability and Robustness, you should talk to us.

- Master in computer science or equivalent through experience.
- Good understanding of POSIX filesystem semantics, NFS and Samba.
- Experience with algorithms for concurrency, thread safety and memory management
- Knowledge of Python 2.7, bash.
- Basic administration & troubleshooting of Linux Ubuntu.

Skills considered a plus
- Programming in Golang.
- Experience with C++ 14.
- Experience in multiple programming languages or willing to develop skills in an additional language.
- Knowledge of Amazon's AWS S3 API, SDK's & tools.
- Understanding of Cloud and Enterprise storage concepts and products.
- Understanding of scaling concepts (sharding, KV stores)

- You enjoy working with other people and delivering features as a team. When the team is at risk of missing out on its commitment, you'll help out even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone.
- You're familiar with getting open feedback from your peers through code review and pair programming.
- You’re used to working in a team with clear coding guidelines and high standards for code.
- You enjoy working with people from other cultures and time zones.
- You like working in an environment that appreciates humor, fun and off-work activities.

- Taking Product Management's input on new features and product enhancements, and translating this into well tested and well architected implementations.
- Drive features from demo's to production ready code through several iterations in our Agile development process.
- Assisting our Customer Support team with troubleshooting issues and optimizing Customers' setups.
- Creating well documented code and the associated unit, component and integration tests, which are run through our Continuous Integration Environments to avoid regression and provide you with instant feedback on what you've written.
- Writing software in your favorite area of expertise, but able and willing to execute software-oriented tasks outside of your core capabilities.
- Iterating on improving design and functionality and get the liberty and opportunity to step outside the beaten path in our quarterly hackatons.
- Whatever you create, as long as it's created from the perspective of our Customers, you’ll create value and get their appreciation for it.

What's in it for you?
- Working at Western Digital means that you will be working in a team with seasoned and passionate experts in their respective domains. As a team, we eat complex challenges for lunch, like building a high-performance Exabyte Storage System that makes datacenters worldwide ‘CloudStorage-ready’.
- We offer you a high-tech playground to explore all facets of ICT: from software analysis, design and ‘from scratch’ development to extensive quality testing and engineering of new software components. As a software engineer you will be reporting to the Chief Architect.
- You are the key of success for Western Digital. That’s why you will get a very attractive remuneration: fixed salary (75th percentile), a decent company car, a complete insurance package, meal vouchers, a GSM and an Internet subscription.
- Western Digital saves no energy and time to take you and your knowledge to the next level. We complete the package with peer-programming, on-the-job coaching and enough time for research.
- Oh by the way, our office hours are flexible. One day a week you can work from home, you have the freedom to plan your own workday, and with our gym membership you can do some workouts during lunch breaks!

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Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Computer Science Engineering
  • Computer Science
In industries:
  • Technologie
  • IT
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Foreign No
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