NLP Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "NLP Engineer" in the company WeGroup NV.

Name NLP Engineer
Company WeGroup NV

Change the game at WeGroup! We are looking for an enthusiastic NLP engineer that has an interest in computational linguistics and machine learning.

WeGroup combines cutting-edge technology and a game-changing business model to protect what people love. With our unique way, we make insurances fast, fair and affordable.

Our opportunity:

For our Innovation team at WeGroup, we are looking for an enthusiastic and devoted NLP Engineer that develops algorithms that converts unstructured textual data into a structured form. We are looking for a genuine team player that likes to take initiative and can work independently in an innovative and ambitious startup environment.

Your future shines so bright, you’ll have to wear shades:

* You will enhance the current technology stack with better algorithms.
* You develop algorithms that convert large documents into a database-like model.
* You develop algorithms that can process insurance concepts.
* You deal with language agnosticism, conceptual understanding and transferability over multiple documents.
* You communicate with the CTO and the development team to determine priorities, resolve issues and give suggestions

Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Supply Chain Engineering & Operations Research
  • Engineering Technology - IT (Industrieel Ingenieur)
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Communication and information Technology
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Computer Science Engineering
  • Mathematics and physics
In industries:
  • Technologie
  • Bank & verzekeringen
Required special knowledge

Your potential:

* You have a good command of Python and NLP-related algorithms
* You are part of the team and like to take part in team activities
* You contribute by working solution- and detail- oriented
* You like to take initiative and work independently
* Experience with SpaCy, SciPy and NLTK are an added value
* You have a background in natural language processing

Foreign No
Contact Wouter Roose (HR Manager)