Marketing Manager

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Name Marketing Manager
Company XEOS


As Marketing Manager you are responsible for shaping our message to the world.

We are looking for a marketing manager to tell our story and thereby help kick-start conversations with the community we are building.

XEOS is experiencing a lot of traction from innovators that are eager to change the world of surgery with our solution. We need a marketing visionary who can tell a compelling story to these leads and bring them along for the ride.

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      Required special knowledge

      The things you know

      - Bachelor or Master in Communication Science, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, -
      Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physical Therapy or comparable through experience
      - At least 2 years experience – preferably in marketing - in the industry (MedTech, HealthTech, Pharma) or a clinical environment
      - Practical experience on several platforms such as MailChimp, LinkedIn, CMS and CRM systems
      - Fluent in English (speaking, copywriting, and in editing skills)
      - Fundamental knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, diseases and treatment is a big plus!
      - Proficient computer literacy with excellent self-learning skills
      - Well-versed and thoroughly interested in marketing and communication strategy

      Foreign No
      Contact Stéphanie Droesbeke (HR Manager)
      Tel: +32 9 277 77 94