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Designing innovation workshops for sustainability

Here you find the details for the student job named "Designing innovation workshops for sustainability" in the company Sappi Europe.

Name: Designing innovation workshops for sustainability
Company: Sappi Europe

While organizing innovation workshops in our company, we realized that:
1. there is a broader need for such types of workshops in the company;
2. currently both we (as Digital Transformation team) and others in Sappi have to re-invent the wheel; i.e. think of activities to perform during such workshops;
3. since there is no systematic approach for these workshops the activities that are performed are suboptimal and the outputs of such workshops questionable; and
4. there is a lack of focus on sustainability to make them attractive to external stakeholders.

For the aforementioned reasons, we propose to:
1. review existing methods for executing innovation workshops in Sappi and outside Sappi’s context;
2. choose the most appropriate methods for Sappi’s context;
3. organize, design and create the output to have “off-the-shelf” material so that anyone interested in Sappi could organize such workshops.

1. Report of the existing methods used in innovation workshops in Sappi;
2. Report of the best practices for innovation workshops (outside the context of Sappi) with a focus on sustainability;
3. Design and creation of material (e.g. cards, board game-like material, website) for creating an off-the-shelve solution that could be picked up by anyone interested in Sappi;
4. Report on the evaluation of the designed and developed material by conducting few workshops in the company.

Target profiles:
    Required special knowledge:

    - knowledge of design thinking methods
    - graphic design skills
    - qualitative research skills