Aanalog Designer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Aanalog Designer" in the company Caeleste cvba.

Name Aanalog Designer
Company Caeleste cvba

You will join the R&D team that is responsible for the technology analysis, research, circuit design, simulation, layout and verification of our image sensor prototypes & products.
You work on the design of novel CMOS image sensors. You have or want to acquire the feeling for mixed-mode analog-digital design. Your responsibilities cover a broad scope ranging from image sensor design and evaluation, research on better circuits and topologies, design methodologies, design correctness and verification, project management, travelling, partner interaction, in the field research and service. You are part of an intensely collaborating team of peers and experts. You will have a significant amount of autonomy and will take up impactful responsibilities in the team.

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Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Elektronica
    • R & D
    Required special knowledge

    • Master in (Micro-)Electronics Engineering, Physics or equivalent experience
    • Fast learner of theoretical concepts and hands-on design, simulation and validation tools to master and discuss with internal experts
    • Creativity, accuracy and being result-driven are valued
    • Good communication skills in English writing and presenting
    • Accountable & committed team player

    Foreign Yes
    Contact Ewa Burzynska (HR Officer)
    Tel: +32 15 71 05 03