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Name Company Publication date
Internship Technology Consultancy KPMG januari 16th, 2024
Internship Procurement & Supply Chain KPMG januari 16th, 2024
Internship Sustainability/ESG KPMG januari 16th, 2024
Time-series ML to decrease costs and emissions Optioryx januari 8th, 2024
Solving an NP-Complete problem with Reinforcement Learning Optioryx januari 8th, 2024
Engineering Internship DEME december 28th, 2023
Artisan cheesemaking production business ValleyShepherdCreamery december 23rd, 2023
Software Engineer Internship ABBOVE sa december 14th, 2023
Data Mining Diagnostic Information Sigasi december 6th, 2023
Integrate Simulators in Sigasi Online Sigasi december 6th, 2023
Improve Code Analysis Diagrams Sigasi december 6th, 2023
Work as a developer on the assessmentQ team Televic N.V. november 27th, 2023
AI driven keywords and concept detection for an automated grading system Televic N.V. november 27th, 2023
Security audit for assessmentQ Televic N.V. november 27th, 2023
AI driven personalized feedback for open-ended assessments Televic N.V. november 27th, 2023
Algorithm to determine the contrast level of graphical elements Esko november 23rd, 2023
Building neural network for simulating spot colors overprints (TensorFlow, PyTorch) Esko november 23rd, 2023
UX for email builder Esko november 23rd, 2023
Smartly interpret textual content on Artworks (OCR / AI) Esko november 23rd, 2023
JFR based monitoring - JFR (Java Flight Recorder), JMC (Java Mission Control) Esko november 23rd, 2023
Develop Plugins for parsing JLogg log files Esko november 23rd, 2023
Cloud UX Development - JavaScript, React, Storybook, UX Esko november 23rd, 2023
Collect Stack Trace and Crash details from Desktop Applications over the Cloud Esko november 23rd, 2023
Cloud AWS Kafka – event driven architecture Esko november 23rd, 2023
Render photorealistic images in 3D - Ray tracing Esko november 23rd, 2023