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Name Company Publication date
Allround zomerstage Polyamide & Intermediates BASF Antwerpen december 16th, 2021
Masterproef / Stage: MOMS/MES SCADA/PLC in de cloud Yitch december 6th, 2021
Masterproef PLC Code Converter Yitch december 6th, 2021
Data Scientist at fast growing e-commerce scale-up Kazidomi Kazidomi november 29th, 2021
Automating IT testing Picanol november 25th, 2021
Business Intelligence - data analytics & visualization Picanol november 25th, 2021
Azure Cloud Integration (Microsoft Azure and BizTalk) Picanol november 25th, 2021
Software development in .Net and Angular Picanol november 25th, 2021
Digital workplace rollout with Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 365 Picanol november 25th, 2021
Internship Engineer- Belgium ExxonMobil november 23rd, 2021
SENSORS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING Picanol november 22nd, 2021
TEXTILE RESEARCH Picanol november 22nd, 2021
SIMULATION AND MEASUREMENT Picanol november 22nd, 2021
BIG DATA Picanol november 22nd, 2021
DRIVETRAIN AND STRUCTURAL DESIGN Picanol november 22nd, 2021
MOTION CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION Picanol november 22nd, 2021
YARN INSERTION SYSTEMS Picanol november 22nd, 2021
Visualization of pressure and temperature graph Comsof november 18th, 2021
Design and analysis of different pipe network configurations Comsof november 18th, 2021
Designer of accesibility (aka stability engineer scaffolding) Altrad Services Benelux november 12th, 2021
Internship - Robots & AI at Logistic hub (Verrebroek) Altrad Services Benelux november 12th, 2021
Stage bij Willemen Willemen Groep november 8th, 2021
CI/CD Automation Solution containerized with Docker MIPS november 8th, 2021
Improve maintenance of invoicing documents from billing software MIPS november 8th, 2021
Microservice Architecture MIPS november 8th, 2021