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Name Company Publication date
Big data and AI Samsonite april 10th, 2019
Statistical Data Analyst (internship 2019) Royal Observatory of Belgium april 9th, 2019
Connected luggage Samsonite april 5th, 2019
Fabrics Samsonite april 5th, 2019
Luggage interior design Samsonite april 5th, 2019
Rethink the luggage Samsonite april 5th, 2019
Services Samsonite april 5th, 2019
Travel behavior Samsonite april 5th, 2019
Uibreiden webplatform met timesheetmodule - Junior Developer Metanous maart 29th, 2019
Category Management Assistant - remunerated internship L'Oréal maart 25th, 2019
Stage .NET Ontwikkeling Attentia maart 25th, 2019
driving behaviour forklifts b.Alert NV maart 16th, 2019
AI analysis of tyres in function of position on vehicle b.Alert NV maart 16th, 2019
product engineer konligo maart 7th, 2019
Machine learning framework to explore physical layer signal processing algorithms Nokia Bell Labs maart 5th, 2019
Stagiair Architect Evolta Engineers NV februari 25th, 2019
Researcher/Analyst Intern 2019 INTERNSHIP/STAGE IBM februari 7th, 2019
Data Scientist Intern 2019 IBM februari 7th, 2019
architecture internship positions for EU students in Czech studio Chybik-Kristof UGent - fea februari 4th, 2019
Internship in dairy production/ ValleyShepherdCreamery februari 1st, 2019
Application Developer Intern 2019 INTERNSHIP/STAGE IBM januari 24th, 2019
Researcher at IBM-Plant Location Intl(PLI)Belgium INTERNSHIP/STAGE2019 IBM januari 24th, 2019
HR Internship Coordinator 2019 INTERNSHIP/STAGE IBM januari 24th, 2019
Workforce Transformation Project Officer 2019 INTERNSHIP/STAGE IBM januari 24th, 2019
Cheap and sexy UI AG Insurance januari 4th, 2019