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Name Company Publication date
Reactive notebook for embedded DSL in Scala Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
Power Reduction Techniques for 6G Hardware Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
ION Deepfield Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
ION Routing R&D Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
Create debugging tool to support data captures with visualization via GUI of a PON MAC in a System On Chip (SoC) Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
Digital design experience with opensource hardware description languages (Chisel/SpinalHDL) Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
Signal Processing for Optics Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
Analog IC Design for Optical Communication Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
Machine/ Deep Learning, Autonomous Network Operation Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
Broadband Fiber Networks Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
Broadband Access through latest Fiber technologies Software Nokia oktober 25th, 2022
A deeplearning pipeline for image search in museum collections IDLab oktober 4th, 2022
Stagiair(e) gezocht! Talent Acquisition Specialist september 5th, 2022
Information management ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Open source Python API ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Content GANeration ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
SMOG sign language recognition with Google Glass ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Image-based anomaly detection ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Video Analysis ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Active learning cockpit for managers with (unsupervised) anomaly detection ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Research similarity metrics and contribute to TF ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Financial forecasting competition ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Interactive optimization solver ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Time series similarity ML6 augustus 30th, 2022
Anomaly detection in text ML6 augustus 30th, 2022