How about a BEST Partnership?

BEST Ghent is continuously looking for companies that are interested in getting in touch with engineering students and want to contribute to the complementary education and career support for these students. We work together with companies both on a yearly and a project basis.

We are interested in Corporate Partners.

The Corporate Partners of BEST Ghent are the companies that not only believe in our services but also share a common vision and mission on how to implement and achieve these. The main interest of these Corporate Partners lies in the people behind our services, the members of BEST Ghent. During the year a contact moment is organized and the corporate partner is present on all our promotional materials and printed items we distribute.

We are also looking for Project Partners.

BEST Ghent organises various projects throughout the year and for most of them we work together with companies whose field of activity is close to that of that specific projects’ theme or subject. For our engineering competitions we are actively looking for companies that are interested in giving the students a theoretical challenge through a case study or a practical challenge through a team design task. Our yearly Summer Course has a yearly changing academic subject for which we are looking for companies interested in sharing their experience with the participating students through a lecture, workshop or company visit.

Belgian Rail

Belgian Rail offers sustainable mobility by train. With an wide range of services, it strives to give everyone a chance to have full access to the railway network for every displacement. For those less mobile, Belgian Rail works on accessible and adapted trains and equipment. On top of this, it has an eye for the environment and the society’s needs.


A leading audit and consulting practice in Belgium, Deloitte offers value added services in audit, accounting, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services. In Belgium, Deloitte has more than 4,000 employees in 12 locations across the country, serving national and international companies, from small and middle-sized enterprises,to public sector and non-profit organisations.


UNILIN creates beautiful and convenient quality products for your home.


Optimile provides a cloud-based mobility platform that connects different kinds of mobility services to the end user by approaching mobility as a service.

Ernest Solvay

Fund Ernest Solvay supports projects in science and technology that focus on education, research and/or entrepreneuring and on helping employment among young people.

Are you looking for some more information?

A detailed overview of all of our services and offers can be found in our company booklet. In case of questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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