How to buy your books this year!

Since 2014 we have an online ordering system.
To the people in their first year at our faculty, you can just come to VTK Pi en tell us what you want, a packet for engineering or a packet for architecture, and then pay the price. For those who don’t need a freshman packet, you have to order your books/syllabi online on the website. To do so, you don’t need to be a member of our organization, the only thing you need is an account on this website. You can register by clicking “registreer” in the top right corner. If you already have an account, you can just click “login”.


The online ordering system is available starting from September 12th. If you click on “Maak bestelling” or “Make an order” you can make an order. You can search for syllabi or courses according to the name of the course or the name of the syllabus or you can just select your year and specialization. When you found the right course, you click “toevoegen” or “add”. Look out which courses you add, some of them are not obligatory and have to be chosen. So when you don’t follow all the courses, you obviously don’t need all the syllabi. The same care should be taken when courses can be followed part-time, make sure you don’t select the syllabus for the whole course. Sometimes courses are missing in the system. This is because the professor doesn’t want to use our service or because the course is not obligatory for your specialization. Certainly in the master years, this could be a problem. If you notice something odd, please alert us on

When you’ve selected the right syllabi, you should click “ga door” or “continue”. Now you get an overview of what you ordered and of your account information. Make sure you check whether the barcode is the same as on your memberschipcard from VTK. If not, please contact with the necessary information. Also 2 prices are shown: the price for members and the price for non-members. The price that is bold, is the price you would pay if you went to buy your books and syllabi at this moment. So in the beginning of the year the non-member price will be bold with everyone because nobody has had the chance of becoming member yet! So don’t panic, as soon as the academic year starts you can become member again, and then come and buy your books and syllabi and pay the member price. Becoming member costs you €8. Money well spent!

After you’ve checked everything, you can confirm your order by clicking “bevestig” or “confirm”. Normally you should get an email for every item you’ve ordered. If it seems that you’ve forgotten a certain book or that you’ve ordered a wrong one, you can still adjust your order by going to “Mijn bestelling” or “My order”. If you realise, after having made the order, that you no longer need the ordered books or syllabi, make sure to cancel your order.

At “Mijn bestelling” or “My order” you can now see the syllabi and books that you’ve ordered, some may not be yet available. We’ll order them as soon as we can and you’ll get an email as soon as your syllabus is available at VTK-Pi. We work with a queue, so whoever orders first, will get his book first when they arrive. You can wait until your entire order is ready for pick-up or you can already come pick up whatever is available.


If you’ve got a VTK-card, bring it with you! We’ll scan it, so we can see what you’ve ordered, what is available and what you have to pay. If you don’t have a card, you have to print your personal barcode on the page “Account gegevens” or “Account information”. You’ll be able to pay with cash or with your banking card.

What can you find with us?

At the beginning of every semester, we ask every professor whether they want to use our service or not. If so, you can buy the material needed to follow the course at our shop. If not, there are roughly three other options:

  • - The professor uses slides that will show up on Minerva.
  • - The professor will sell it himself.
  • - The professor uses a book that you’ve already used in a previous course.

We also sell the one and only Guido city guide @ €5 for members and €7 for non-members, incl. goodie-bag! During the first semester you get the chance to buy the awesome UGent sweater with the VTK logo printed on it. We only sell these once a year, so make sure you keep an eye on our announcements for more information! We also have a special for the students architecture! We have made a basic package of drawing materials in cooperation with the professors and some students. The packet contains everything you need to get started. But we’ve also got optional stuff, like cutting-boards, smaller knifes, … We sell this packet for the students of architecture on the reception day. Later in the year these packets, as well as other drawing essentials, will be available at "De Loeiende Koe" which is situated on the attic of the Plateau building.
For the course “Technology of materials” (a 2nd year course) in the 2nd semester, we also sell safety goggles, safety jackets and safety shoes. More information will follow in the 2nd semester.
Finally, you can also obtain scratch paper at the VTK Pi room. Whenever scratch paper is available, it is placed outside in front of the window of VTK Pi. Please help yourself and take a big packet with you, but be solidary and leave some for your fellow students.

When can you come to the shop?

During the first week of the semester, we will be open every day, from 8.00 to 18.00. Only on wednesday, we close from 13.30-15.30

In the weeks after that we’ll be opened during the hours that we will announce at this website and that will be displayed at the shop. If none of these hours are okay for you, please contact us at

How can you pay at the shop?

During the first weeks we give you the opportunity to pay with a debit card. However, we prefer cash, cause it’s faster. So we kindly ask you to provide enough cash when you come to buy your books/syllabi.

Are there any discounts for members?

Yes, there are! We don’t want you to get poor! If you become a member, the money you paid to become one, will be far less than the money you’ll save with discounts on your books/syllabi. The first weeks of the semester you can become a member at the desk in the hall in the Plateau (the main building of our faculty). VTK-members also have a discount with our partner TopCopy. You can print of copy anything and pay just €0.025/page, regardless of the total number of pages. Don’t forget to show them your card when paying!

Where can you find us?

The VTK book service has his own shop in the plateau. The plateau is the main building of the engineering faculty, it’s situated in the J. Plateau Street, 9000 Ghent. If you enter the plateau through the main entrance, climb the stairs and go left through the glass doors, you will see VTK-Pi on your left-hand side. It’s easily recognizable because of the graffiti on the wall.

Does VTK have its own Wiki?

Of course we do! It’s a place where everbody shares his solutions to excercises, old exam questions, information,… It’s a good preparation for an exam to make the old exam questions. So make sure you check it out!

Printing slides

If your professor uses slides but you and at least a few others would like to have these printed out, we can arrange this for you, just let us know how many people want the slides and we will print them for all of you.

Still some unanswered questions? Contact us!